Old Cartoons

An extraordinary relationship between word and image is developed within the pages of cartoon books. For some people cartoon books teach history lessons, for others, they are simple ways of relaxation and amusement, a way of access to fantasy, adventure and horror stories.

Nowadays, cartoon books became a widely accessible commercial way of expression in the form of visual narratives. They are tailored to specific loyal audiences. These can exchange views on the latest editions or simply talk about them.

People have also access to more technically sophisticated cartoon books. Better printing techniques and paper of higher quality are currently increasing these books' value.

More and more cartoon fans amuse themselves searching for cartoon books for their collections. They go to stores or they surf online for the best cartoon books related to subjects they know or they want to discover. Usually they look for old cartoon books, limited editions, no longer available on the market, so popular decades ago. For them, the period in which these cartoons were conceived is very important and they evoke their childhood.

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